Sunday – October 31, 2021 – Acts 10:34-44

Sunday – October 31, 2021 – Acts 10:34-44

Mountain Bible Family, 

Blessing in King Jesus! My family and I returned from Santa Barbara this week to a home without electricity. We walked into the darkness, lit some candles, fumbled around for a flashlight, and waited, somewhat patiently, for the power to go on. Isn’t it hard to wait sometimes? Lord, teach us patience in our impatience. 

A few days later, the electricity was back. Hallelujah! From darkness to light. This is what happens to people through the power of the gospel. Jesus draws people out of darkness and into His marvelous light! 

This week we are going to continue our series on the Mission + Goals of MBC. As you already know, the mission of MBC is to enjoy God and share Him with others. This week, we are focusing on what we are called to share with others about Jesus. This Sunday, we will delve into Acts 10:34-44. We will learn from the Apostle Peter what we are to share with others. 

Any guesses? Here’s a hint: Jesus. We are to tell people about Him, His life, death, resurrection, and His overall awesomeness in our lives. The gospel message, through the power of the Holy Spirit, causes the lights to go on for people who are lost in spiritual darkness.  

This Sunday is an opportunity to live into our mission by enjoying God together through our Fall Fest and sharing Him by inviting others into this joy. Please pray that new people from the community would come and that gospel seeds would be planted in their lives, that the light of God’s grace and truth would go on.  

It’s going to be a hoot! After the service, we will have a costume parade (for both kids and adults!), hot dog lunch, donuts for dessert, pumpkin decorating and crafts for kids, and then some silly group dances to follow. Feel free to dress up in a silly costume too. 

In the source of all joy, Jesus, 


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  1. Ann Scherer

    What an awesome worship set! Honoring God’s glory…heart of worship…Didn’t know Pastor Kawika played the drum box.

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