Mobile Food Pantry – West Valley Community Services

Mobile Food Pantry – West Valley Community Services

Every Thursday we host a healthy food give-away in our parking lot.
West Valley Community Services comes up and provides a food pantry for our community that is present from 11 AM to 2 PM.

They also provide a case worker that will point you to other resources if you are interested.  We give them a comfortable spot in our building so that you can talk confidentially to them and get the help you need.


  1. Florence Beckmann

    I would like to volunteer to help with food prep, giveaway etc for homeless and needy – how can I sign up?

    • John Haak

      Lots of options right now …
      1) Every Friday we get groceries from the Nob Hill in Los Gatos and spread them around to families in various ways. You need a van or similar vehicle for this and time once a month: 9 AM to 1:30 PM.
      2) Every other Friday we prep food for the homeless at the Mountain Bible building: 5:30 to 7:00 PM … Your teens would be welcome to join you on this too.
      3) Every other Saturday we are the kitchen crew for breakfast and dinner at the Homeless Services Center in Santa Cruz. Your friends Don and Gina already serve this way and can give you info on this.

      Feel free to call me for the steps. Thanks for your interest.

  2. Dawn

    I have a 60 lb bag of potatoes. Would you be able to give them to those that may need them?
    I can drop them at the church.


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