Christmas Around the World

Christmas Around the World

We would like to invite you, our mountain community, to Mt. Bible’s holiday offering–“Christmas Around the World!” Come and enjoy a sample of how Christmas is celebrated in different parts of the world, focusing on Mexico (for Latin America), South Africa/Mali/Niger (for Africa), Philippines (for Asia), and Germany/Ireland/France/Italy (for Europe). This event is free of charge.

After the 10-11 am gathering with music, carols, and spiritual inspiration, a multicultural potluck lunch will be provided starting at 11 am. Exhibits will open at 11:30 am, showcasing the international celebration of this joyous holiday.

There will be crafts for all ages. At the Mexico table, you can learn how to make a mini pinata and paper poinsettias, while at the Philippines table, you will be able to make a Christmas star lantern made of bamboo and paper. You can make pin brooches of beads and paper crackers in the South Africa table and creative festive paper creations in the Germany table. 

Irish and Filipino folk dances will be performed. You will have a chance to learn some dance steps too. Check how nimble your feet are and see if they can avoid getting caught in clicking bamboo poles!

Do not miss our photo corner where you or your family can pose for some pictures. The images will be emailed to you without charge.

We will cap the festivities with breaking a pinata, a Mexican Christmas tradition. It will be a fun, family-friendly celebration. We hope you can join us! 

Email for more info and to RSVP (not required but will help).


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