Sunday Service – July 4, 2021

Sunday Service – July 4, 2021


Online and in person!

  • Sermon series: “Enjoying God”
  • Sermon title: Enjoying the Father
  • Text: Luke 12:22-32

Aloha everyone, 

It’s been a month since my family and I arrived in the mountains! Wow! Thanks again for your warm welcome and graciousness. Weeks ago, Rich Hagedorn looked at me and said, “I hope you are enjoying yourself.” 

What does it mean to enjoy yourself? I think joy is ultimately found in an intimate relationship with God, others, and His creation. Good, meaningful, loving relationships produce joy because we are created in the image of a relational God. Our God is a communion, a relationship of love between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. By faith in Christ, we are welcomed into this joyful union! What a gift! (By the way, to answer Rich’s question more directly, we are enjoying all of you and being in the mountains!)

This week we will continue our Enjoying God series by looking at the first person of the Trinity, the Father. We will hone in on Enjoying God the Father for the next two Sundays as we ponder Luke 12:22-32 together. 

Here are some questions to think through before our worship service: What does it mean for God to be your Father? How is He like or unlike your earthly father? How does creation remind you of God the Father? Is it hard to believe that God is truly your Father and you are His child? Why or why not?   

Blessings in Christ! 



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