Sunday Service – June 13, 2021

Sunday Service – June 13, 2021

Online and in person!

  • Worship (adults and children)
  • Children’s message (afterward, the children head downstairs for their program)
  • Sermon title: “God Finishes What He Starts” (Part 2), by Pastor Kawika Haglund
    • Text: Philippians 1:3-6
  • Sharing
  • Closing Song

God Finishes What He Starts, by Pastor Kawika

What a blessing it has been to be here with you for week one and a couple of days! Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gracious welcome that images how God treats each of us. He pours out His love on us freely and abundantly! What a paradigm shift it has been, yet, at the same time, we feel right at home with all of you because we are part of one body, the body of our good King, Jesus Christ. We are family in Him. 

This Sunday we will continue our series on Philippians 1:3-6. Did you see how the kids made a circle from the drawing that I started last Sunday? I started the drawing and they completed it. God has started a good work in each of your lives and at Mountain Bible Church, He has continued it up to this point, and He will be faithful to finish it. 

Below are my closing thoughts from my sermon last week. We are looking forward to getting to know you all better, as we follow Jesus together! What a great adventure it is! 

You are God’s drawing, His masterpiece, that He starts with His grace and continues to work on until you are complete. He draws lines of His eternal joy and thanksgiving into your life that cannot be erased by harsh circumstances, not even prison can strip you of the joy that you have in Christ. Rather, His artwork of grace that transformed Lydia by the river outside Philippi and saved the Philippian jailer from taking his own life changes you anew today. The greatest Artist of all, Jesus Christ, drew bold, permanent lines with His blood on the cross. His death and resurrection are an unsurpassed masterpiece, the centerpiece of redemption, the proof of a God who finishes what He starts, and by faith, you are in Him now, this morning. You are part of God’s start to finish work. So, you can trust in the trustworthiness of Jesus, the Master who has a beautiful plan and purpose for your life and in this church that He will continue and complete.  

He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus (Philippians 1:6). In other words, God finishes what He starts.

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