Sunday Service – April 26, 2020

Sunday Service – April 26, 2020

Service Schedule for April 26, 2020

Our service starts at 10 a.m. and is live streamed at our YouTube channel (here)

  • Opening prayer and updates with Pastor John Haak
  • Worship (lyric videos provided)
  • Sermon: Elder Mark Adams, “Finding Calm,” Psalm 1:1-6
  • Closing prayer and song

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  1. Loretta Swanson

    Thank you Mark for your kind and spiritual words during this dark and evil times in our country and world intensified with Covid19 and corruption and incompetence at the top of our federal government. Brian and I are retired and with my past illnesses around Christmas for the last 3 years are used to self quarantine for months at a time. But this mandated restrictions for our own good is over the top isolation. We will abide by these caring orders to save lives over economy as Our Lord God would will it I am sure. I pray more than ever and use time to sort things for charity and busy cleaning and fire prevention. Keep phoning friends and neighbors to lift them from depression and get grocery items twice a month and keep up with current news which keeps daily changing. I pray for new intelligent, decent, honest, proactive leadership to rescue this democratic country and world from this extreme evil! In Jesus name, God be with you all!

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