Virtual open mic – 3/27/20

Virtual open mic – 3/27/20

The idea was to host an open mic at Mountain Bible Church, drawing musicians from around our community to share their talents. Then came the shelter-in-place order. It likely will not be possible to host an open mic for some time, but that’s OK. Staying safe, staying healthy, that’s what matters. Still, we’d all like to hear the familiar voices of our friends and neighbors.

As we’ve spent the last week or so figuring out how to present our Sunday service online, not much attention was given to the open mic, which can only exist here on the internet. We’ve been experimenting with Zoom (I think everyone knows about Zoom now), and while the picture and audio quality are not perfect, we may try that for the next scheduled open mic.

Had we been able to host the open mic at church, we would have been joined by Katreen Fenton, a former member of our worship team. But, she does offer this wonderful song:

2 Chronicles 20:12 from Katreen Fenton on Vimeo.

Katreen has joined a church in Boulder Creek, and if you’d like to see and hear her leading worship, see the playlist below:


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