Small Groups Online

Small Groups Online

Hello Mountain Bible!

During these extraordinary times, we will be posting important updates to our blog (see link in the menu of this website). Pastor John Haak sent an email message explaining our next steps. You can read that message here also. (Note: This page will be updated periodically.)

The shelter-in-place order in Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties runs through April 7. During this time, Mountain Bible Church will be open for essential services only (principally food preparation and distribution). Therefore, most of our activities will be conducted online, and we will offer support to members who need help navigating this new method of fellowship.

Connecting Online

Our Sunday service will include a live-streamed introduction and prayer with Pastor John Haak via Facebook (requires an account). Our group page is located here:

Our Bible studies will be conducted remotely using Zoom, a video teleconferencing service. An account is not required, though you will need to download the app for your mobile device or software for your computer. During such a study, you can opt to use the camera or not. Here are the related links:

Our open mic will be hosted on YouTube. Participants will be encouraged to record a video and post to their YouTube account. We will arrange the videos in a playlist, which we will post at this site.

Essential services

Our facilities will be open for essential services, as outlined in the shelter-in-place order. These include the following, and more services might possibly be added.

  • Homeless shelter food prep, every other Friday (see calendar)
    • Members will also help on every other Saturday to cook
  • Grey Bear brown bag distribution, every Thursday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • West Valley Community Services, every Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
    • Also, an additional freezer has been placed in the church building for services

We will keep you posted about other additional services as information becomes available.


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