New Groups 4 All

New Groups 4 All

We think God is interested in your Whole Being and so we each can grow in 2019 like never before.

Our Calendar of events will give you the details but here are the highlights:
Bible Study Skills Group to renew your mind with mental exercise and facts with which to wrestle towards faith..
Adult Bible Study for All on Sunday mornings 9 to 10 AM
Women’s Group: “Care and Prayer” followed by “Learn God’s Word” … all ages welcome; childcare provided.
Men’s Fellowship: in the Black Road area meeting early enough to catch you after work and get you home refreshed.
Small Groups on “LGBT+ and Grace & Truth” by Dr. Preston Sprinkle . So timely as longstanding friendships are being tested [and failing] under the divisiveness of our times on this issue. But it is People, not “An Issue”.
Plus Youth Group … Kids Club after school for Loma Prieta Elementary … WyldLife at CT English …
Plus, Plus we host friends in Toastmasters and a monthly Mountain Bike Club!


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