Wanted: Worship Pastor/Music Leader

Wanted: Worship Pastor/Music Leader

Mountain Bible Church is seeking a new worship pastor to lead our music team. We are a non-denominational, Bible church, serving the mountain communities near Lexington Reservoir, Redwood Estates, and along Summit Road and Old San Jose/Soquel Road.

The current team consists of one elder from the church, Mark Adams, and one instrumentalist, Lee Kalem.


Lead and care for our worship team as you serve our members to draw near to God through musical worship experiences.

Part-time position of eight hours per week @ $25/hr. plus travel expenses.

  • develop gifts and growth of members
  • guide new members of the team to use their talents to help minister in music
  • provide 30 minutes of music every Sunday morning
  • make PowerPoint slides and music sheets for each Sunday
  • organize occasional practice sessions
  • hold quarterly lunches with the worship team


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