New Messages Starting

New Messages Starting

Imagine hearing about Jesus for the very first time.  That is what Luke was doing when he wrote the words we will be exploring together.  Come and see.

Every Sunday morning we unite around Luke’s message to think it over together and to find what it means for us today.  Staying fresh sounds great to us and that is all we offer.  Read/think along with us and decide for yourself.

If you miss any messages you can listen to them in our Sermons section.

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If the image intrigues you then you should know that it is one of real people we have gotten to know that have just recieved the book of Luke in their own language for the first time.  They do not have to imagine hearing this news of Jesus for the first time … they really are!  We will give updates on what they are thinking too.  To learn more about them look in our Global Interests section.


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